About SnagMP

SnagMP is a tool to quickly and accurately locate State Route and Milepost values. The data used in the application aligns with the Washington 2017 Highway Log and is limited to Washington State.


Map View

Zoom in to the map and click a location on a State Route. The State Route, Milepost and ARM values are returned to the nearest one hundredth of a mile. The Township/Range/Section data is also returned for the selected point. Consistent with Google Maps, you can toggle the satelite image on/off or utilize street view. When viewing the aerial image you can remove the route lines by unchecking the "Labels" box under the "Satelite" tab.

Search Tool

Enter your SR and MP parameters into the fields and click locate. Milepost values can be entered to the nearest one hundredth of a mile.

Creating Map Links

Creating a hyperlink to a State Route location is simple. Mimic the url structure for the following link and modify the SR and MP values to your desired location. Example:

To create a hyperlink to a route with unique directional milepost data, such as an interstate, use the following url structure. DIR represents direction. The options are I for increasing milepost or D for decreasing milepost.

New Features

The County Name, Township / Range / Section and Access Control values are now returned with searches. Please notify us if you experience any issues with these new features at info@snagmp.com.

Other Services

If you would like SnagMP to incorporate another state or have a need for specific custom tools built for your business needs, please contact us at info@snagmp.com.